An instant overview of the current female dater gave you the average age and physical description, a listing of usual likes and dislikes, and a glimpse into what 21st millennium ladies look for in somebody.

And from now on it’s the perfect time the men to make stage.

Who’s the average male dater this season? Why don’t we satisfy him!

A man regarding the Types

Using a similar sample dimensions for the ladies (75,000 people), match determined the normal male individual:

  • is actually 25-30 years of age (24per cent).
  • Is actually 5’10” high (16%).
  • Has actually darkish tresses (31percent) and blue eyes (40per cent).
  • Opinions his figure as average (46percent), though more than one fourth (29%) of participants said these are typically toned and athletic.
  • Is actually easygoing (43percent), but much less social compared to average girl (4%).
  • Is actually intelligent (53% have a qualification, compared to 15% in the common male populace of UK).
  • Enjoys vacation above all other pursuits, with flicks, talk, and eating at restaurants.
  • Likely works for the IT area (16%), is freelance (14percent), or occupies a management part (13per cent).

And who’s the typical mans ideal lady? Per multiple choice replies, this woman is of normal create (86per cent), has actually shoulder-length (93per cent), gothic (87%) tresses, is easygoing (89percent), and possesses a great sense of humor (80percent).

  • It appears that Marilyn Monroe was actually correct when she asserted that “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,” though in addition they like dark colored (85percent) and light (78per cent) brunettes. Ebony hair scored 79%, with redheads at 59per cent.
  • Men had a clear inclination for very long tresses. Shoulder-length tresses came in at 93percent, long-hair ended up being liked by 90percent associated with test, and extremely long hair was actually well-liked by 65%.
  • Slim (85percent) and athletic (80%) bodies were thought about the quintessential appealing, but try not to start depriving yourselves, women – 65% of males enjoyed women holding many extra pounds.
  • Men appear accept women that sight tend to be an individual’s a lot of attractive element (77%). In addition on top of the attractive characteristics number are “smile” (76percent), “a cute bottom” (54per cent), “nice legs” (52per cent), and “a good stomach button” (13percent).
  • The perfect lady likes to dine out, and likes music, performances, cinema, and hanging out on club.

Now that we’ve met the average both women and men of, we’re willing to move on to more technical subjects. In the next sections of our analysis, we will check out how the people on the UNITED KINGDOM and Ireland view internet dating, relationship, and love, and we’ll fulfill “a unique strain of reasonable intimate, the ‘Pragmatic.'”

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