The fact is that your relapse prevention plan may not ever be finished. Write down a list of people you will contact if you do relapse. If your ultimate goal is to steer clear of drugs and alcohol, you need to commit to being honest. The truth is a powerful tool, and it’s one that you should utilize at all stages of your recovery. It is especially important as a part of your relapse prevention plan. Addicts always have a list of triggers that result in using drugs or alcohol.

  • For example, you may want to include self-care ideas, stress-relieving strategies, techniques to deal with cravings, and a list of people to reach out to when you need a helping hand.
  • “It can be a written plan or verbalized plan that you work on, ideally with an addiction professional or person in long-term recovery who can help guide you,” Sternlicht says.
  • I want to be more physically fit and will work to take better care of my body.
  • It can be helpful to write down one’s daily activities by tracking them with a smartphone to bring more awareness to what you are doing, thinking, and feeling.
  • You need sleep to stay in good physical and mental health.

Relapse prevention plans help people recognize their behaviors that could cause a future relapse. They also layout ways to resist those behaviors and to remain focused on your sobriety. Finally, relapse prevention plan it is important to have a list of people in your support network who you, or a friend/family member, can call if things get worse. Think about the family members who love and support you most.

Creating a successful Relapse Prevention Plan

This may include them enrolling you in an inpatient drug rehab program, giving you a ride to a meeting, calling your sponsor or clinical provider, and more. Hathaway Recovery is an exclusive addiction rehab treatment center in California offering healing recovery from all substances. We’re proud to provide a great combination for drug, alcohol, psychiatric and psychological recovery treatment backed by experts in the addiction treatment field.

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The Road to Recovery: The Best Addiction Therapy Online.

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You could exercise, meditate, spend time with friends, listen to music, journal, or watch television at that specific time instead. Even after you’ve completed treatment and achieved sobriety, trying not to fall back into harmful old patterns can be challenging. Unfortunately, there’s no off switch to make the weight of all these changes go away. But having a relapse prevention plan can help you get through some of the more challenging parts of recovery without losing all the progress you’ve made. Here’s what you need to know about relapse prevention planning. Since relapse often starts with the emotional and then mental aspect, it’s important to recognize your own personal responses. Addiction is a chronic disease with relapse rates between 40% and 60%.

What’s the First Step Toward Getting a Relapse Prevention Plan in Place?

Instead of resorting to drinking or using, you can attend a support group or call a close friend or family member. You will be less likely to relapse if your action plan is more detailed. Having a relapse prevention plan is one of the best ways to avoid a psychological relapse. Those in recovery may feel that they are in the clear after an extended period of abstinence from drug use.

example of relapse prevention plan

Throughout this phase, you’re not considering using, but your behaviors and feelings set you up for a potential relapse. You’re bottling up your emotions and isolating yourself.

What to include in a Relapse Prevention Plan Template

Do you go to a grocery store that’s next to your favorite bar? Good relapse prevention plans avoid situations that can easily segway into substance use.

What are 5 causes of relapse?

  • Post-Acute Withdrawal.
  • Stress.
  • Insomnia.
  • Changes in Expected Outcomes.
  • Complacency and Overconfidence.
  • Boredom.
  • Relationships.
  • Not Having a Relapse Plan.

Details are so important when creating your relapse prevention plan. You may not have time to look up a phone number when you need to call someone. As you start thinking about your relapse prevention plan, be sure to be detailed.

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